You can be seen

In a great diversity

By the diverse people

Who surround you

And one moment you may be kind

And in the eyes of another


Or ungenerous

Or foolish…

And you can love

And be misunderstood completely,

And you can wish

But have no hope at all

Yet it will not stop your wishes.

And you can give

Without the knowledge of anyone

And then be called to defend yourself

When what you gave is disclosed

— You didn’t know that you gave in secret

To keep it precious—

You never considered at all.

All you are to the world

(Yes, even those you love

In this world)

Is a series of alternate perceptions

That shift according to the time

Or the place

Or the people involved

And those who learn by accumulation

Will see in you more than

Those who learn by


To some you will mean nothing

And to others you will be much more

And you will be terribly unhappy

Until you can see yourself

Without the eyes of the world

To weigh you in that scale

As just so many variegated

Pennies in the dish.




~ by Rebecca Erickson on May 13, 2015.

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