There was something

Soft and indefinable in

Ascending vines on the brick


And there was something

Pure and potent there in the dark

Dancing waters as they

Gently coursed beneath boats

In the descended eve.


Something of caution and

Similar surrender to the quiet

That walked hand-fastened with

Sweetness after the day’s

Business and work were over


And people tripped homeward

To be safe behind walls, 

To send the glow of hidden lamps

To play upon the water

And fetch laughing against

The stars.


Something aching and lovely

In the arch of the sky

While “blue” didn’t work

But neither did “black”

So they traded back and forth

Gaze and guest amongst each other

So that I could not


Assign a color,

But merely the feel of

Night that was tender

Like my footsteps

And serene like my heart

And open as their faces.


All the faces and they pass

In a language and custom I

Am not a sharer in.



And lucky too.


Something lucky

To be here,

In the shadows,

Beneath the sky,

On a street that was

Covered in such




~ by Rebecca Erickson on May 14, 2015.

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