We wish to make of our lives

More than they are

Inevitably more

Because we believe that “this”

Cannot be all that we have received…

And yet I was never more blessed

Than to stare at the seeming infinite

Tracings of life on a single falling leaf

Or the shining heavens that beckon my gaze

In their velvet sphere beyond the light

Made for my eyes to see the sidewalk:


Nevermore blessed.

Here is eternity,

All ye who seek the youth of life

Who watch it fade and recede with

Regret and fear

Here in the heart and mind of that

Which appears collective and is only


Breathe together and know that the

Dust of my mind and aching heart

Are shared and echoed within someone

Else’s walls.

I know them not, but there is

Somewhere, someone who knows

All that I inflict upon myself in my longing

My loneliness for

One smile,

One pair of arms.

One voice, softly laughing.

But I would be normal:

I would be ungrateful for just one

Because I would always long

For more.

Eternity found in the

Unending of life

Longing for itself to be both

Understood and unspoken

But dawning and nascent.

Spin no mysteries here

They are too costly

Read no more than my words

Though I believe you’ll want more

Meaning than I impart, but there is

No more to be had:

Only loneliness

A keenness

A fresh ache in spirit

A sense of emptiness and time that

Passes unstoppable in its turns.

Look no further,

And read only

That you are well, truly, deeply

Missed and loved.


~ by Rebecca Erickson on May 16, 2015.

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