I watched the sunrise today.


There was crystal in it

There were colors and joy

Because it was a simple confinement

Of a grand experience

The return of light to

A sorrowing heart.


Then I saw (as the light grew)

That a sorrowing heart need only weep

For things truly lost

As loss is the invention of moments

Of confidence and fear,

But it is only as real to me

As I choose to make it.


I walked out of that broken place


And faced the sunrise.


You will face the same sun today

And it will kiss your face

As I would like to kiss your hands

And thank you

For having been part of my world.


Peace came and found me today

A happy child swingning her feet on the bench

And she said, “Why do you sit there?”


I told her that I was waiting

For my friend,

But she said, “Come.  He will be along in time—

Or not, but you have places to go.”


“I will miss him.”

“I’m afraid so, but at least

He knows that.”


So I went with her.


She told me one last

Before leaving me at the next gate,

“You came here through Honesty

It might have felt like Pain or 


But it was really that you were willing

To pay those as a price

For having Openness and Sincerity

A lasting part of your life.”


I thought about it later

And realized:


That’s not such a bad way

To get here

After all.


~ by Rebecca Erickson on May 20, 2015.

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