October walks

With good-bye in her eyes

Like tears borne of

“Farewell,” tenderly,



And the wrenching depth

Of the loss:

A fading summer that dies

(In beauty) while courting

Stillness has not come…


Her leaves fall beneath

Our feet so that

We can have softness and scent

To breathe in our spirits

While the earth surrenders

And capitulates to her stealthy disrobing.

We cannot sigh within

Because the October wind

Sighs with and for us.

The gentle rays

That cascade through dissembling trees

Turn gold beneath our fingers,

Burnish our hair,

… And while it trembles

The residual warmth feels

Like an embrace

We cannot ask for.

“Come back!”

We long to shout with

Summer’s retreat reverberating in our


“Come back!”

Sings the mournful moment

Whose heart beats falter

With each footfall upon

A dying path…

Slowly and calmly

Summer walks away.

And October lies down

Into the ransomed caresses of leaves

—Cast from their perches,

Alive for a time and perishing

On the ground— where she pours forth

October tears…

As though she mourned their deaths,

As though she could heal all:

A withering world

So arrestingly beautiful

In its descent.

“Come back!”

Echo the trees

While all her

Tender grasses and expiring leaves

Share her cries;

And she kneels upon a ground

Turned cold,


For Winter,

Her lover,

The deep and silent companion

Of Fall.

The weakening sun flashes upon

The diamond tears of October rain,

And we look up

The world is suspended

A vivid painting that lives


In an October afternoon.



~ by Rebecca Erickson on May 23, 2015.

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