Sunlit Hair

Sunlit hair

It is so soft under my fingers

Like those cheeks I kiss

Like the goldenrod lashes

That sweep shut

As I lean in to tickle him

And he leans away


I never knew how precious




The touch of tiny fingers

Could be against my own.

Until it was certainty

That my access to them

Was finite beyond

My wildest imaginings.

Soft child,

My child,

Stay soft like your mother

Have an open heart like mine

Have an open mind like mine

Have the soul of your father

In its depth,

Its beauty

Have a grateful spirit.

And carry my love

Everywhere you go.

I can give this to you

To take and nourish your heart with.

I can surrender it to you

I can support it endlessly,

And if ever you need it again

Ask me

Because I will never with hold it

From you:


It’s so easy to be that

With and for you,

Little heart

That beat (first)

With mine.


~ by Rebecca Erickson on May 24, 2015.

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