You will fly away soon,

And so will I,

But we will return to this place that is


Under too fragile snow

Too fragrant spring

Too warm fall

Whose leaves only turn gold

Or fall at the last moment.


We will come back

From our lands where the snow knows

Its own worth

Its dark presence

We both come from the frozen space

Where growth is carved out

For specified months and held back.

And I will miss you

My friend

Who taught me words in a language

I struggle to grasp

Who has helped me so much and

Given so much in friendship.

If I learned anything from you

It was how similar our cultures

Truly are

How differences are widened

By those with agendas

The power-hungry and savage

I learned that we make difference and hold it up

Like a defence against

Risking closure.

But your friendship

Which has meant so much

Gives me hope as well,

And to give hope to another soul…

It is a priceless gift



~ by Rebecca Erickson on May 25, 2015.

2 Responses to “надеяться”

  1. Oh… ! That’s so beautiful and deeply touching, Rebecca! Thank you very much! I have nothing more to say… just no words… Is that really for me?

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