Even Song

And the space between

Father and words,

Between journey and sunset

Became the path of your song

The sound of your voice;

And in it I heard beloved voices,

Voices I have not heard for many years.

I heard (too) the words you gave me

The time you imparted of your life

To mine…

I heard the lessons you taught me,

And I glimpsed the life you’ve lived

In song.

There were so many faces…

So many people I love

In that room,

(Both imagined and real)

And there was a person

Singing for all he was worth

To all of the people he loves

And that love him in return.

There were breaths held

And tears that flowed for the past

We cannot lay hands on,

But savor in memories both bitter and


It was a time for song

And I am blessed that the song

Was yours,

That you gave so fully and I know

That whatever paths I will walk down

In some unknown future

—Also untouchable—

That those (en)chanted seconds

Will travel with me forever:





~ by Rebecca Erickson on May 25, 2015.

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