I love to watch you


And you’re so trusting

With your eyes fastened

Beyond the mesh to my body,

Resting in a chair beside your bed,

Watching to be sure

That I won’t leave you…

I devoutly wish that there were

—Words or language—

To tell you that

I would never (voluntarily) leave you

I go because I must

When I would rather spend day after day

Pursuing the secrets of your


… Not living in mine.

I’m watching you fight it:

The sleep I see press down

Upon each eyelid as you

Prop them open again and again

Though evermore slowly,

Each effort is greater,

Each descent is swifter,

And I love the sweep of your downy

Goldenrod lashes

That hide the cerulean depth

Of your eyes.

We are dreamers,

(You and I)

Watchers and I know that you’ll learn


—Though less painfully

God let it be so

Than I learned—

I know you will achieve much

With your heart and dreams

For a rudder and sails,

The strength of your mind and spirit

For a vessel to roam and explore.

I saw a youth today

—The youngest man ever—

To sail the world unaided

And while they showed his picture

I was struck by the wisdom

Of his eyes.

The sea had come to rest there.

Between the test of wills

His will had been the victor

And his reward was a fathomless(ness),

And a limitless knowledge of his metal.

I saw in those eyes

The trust and self-faith to know:

This I can do,

And this I cannot… yet;

But what I have within me

Is the will to achieve it

When present shall conquer all.

Sometimes dreams can become

… A stumbling block

Because they are the streaming filament

Projecting the imagined to the real.

They are also the warp

That hides our inner knowing

From the throne room of our souls.

Dreams are not a guest,

They are the pane we see ourselves

Behind, and there are those

Who reach forward,

Feel the surface

And— intimidated— never press deeper

That young man felt the give,

And believed he could reach through

To fuse forever the desire

And the accomplished.

That step

Of reaching beyond the surety of

One world,

To seize the self we see waving to us

Is the maturity of faith

… And of trust

Can only be won in the experience

And determination of time.


~ by Rebecca Erickson on May 29, 2015.

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