Face soft

Eyes soft

When asking for that

You have to let the soul

Become soft

Which is not the same

As weakening

Somewhere between cut and continuity

Or between the idea of between

There is a meditative state

That slides beneath world

And thought

Behind the shadow’s darkness

It is in a place that words

Cannot reach

But the soul can go there

If you let it become


Eyes soft

Face soft

Gaze outside of the distance

Because gazing into

Only entangles one further in the world

You want to stretch past the world

Through the image of time

And into a space created for


Face soft

Eyes soft

A drishti floats beyond

Because it is not except in the softening


Stretch and find the drishti

Pull you into the smooth space

Between world and self

Eyes soft

Face soft

Let go—


~ by Rebecca Erickson on June 1, 2015.

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