I cannot

(Not now, or anymore)

Place a value on the time

I give to you.


I have no power to assign

To the time we give

To each other

Some Arabic number that would make

Others understand

The vast worth you hold

For this tiny life…

And I discovered this yesterday.


You know my struggles.


How I have battled


And in your silence yesterday

I uncovered the truth

Of what you mean to me.


I can withstand any time

I am forced to,


Part from you

Any silence you give me of

Your free will,

Any amount of space you need

As long as I know that you are safe,

And as long as I know you

Will return

The interim spent waiting

Never feels like “waiting” or striving

For patience.

Stillness and quiet thought descend

Of their own volition

Much as the blossoms forsake the tree of their own

Accord in sweet and warm currents;


But when I thought

I might never see you again

It came to me like a blinding flash

That this:

What you have given of yourself

(To me,)

This is beyond price or value;

And thus it is also

Beyond replacement.


Whatever you ask

You shall have.

Wherever you go

I will want to be with you.

Whenever I sing

You will be the song in my heart.


And I would be content, then,

To let this be the way I show you

The value you have attained

In my life.


~ by Rebecca Erickson on June 2, 2015.

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