I watched them:

People I have led myself

To affinity with,

While Happiness stroked their hair

And exchanged gentle smiles with them…

(He kept steady pressure

On my hand, too.)

But then Sorrow embraced me.

And like a foolish child

I turned inward to
His frozen grip.

I should hate you,


It was your saturnine incarnation

That stole from me:

The human I loved most!

The soul I longed to partner!

The heart I wished to confide in!

How strange I find it,

That now I am the one who


To your

Whispered kisses.

You have such soft hands

—Heartbreakingly gentle—

Such luminous, dark eyes… And

I gaze into that remorseless visage

Bidding Happiness good-bye

Time and again.

My companions can’t see me

When you enfold me.

I forget the sound of their laughter,

And I can’t seem to remember

The light I saw

In the one I loved

When I let your shadows cover my


Even the touch of hands

And the warmth of living arms

Fades and dies while you walk

Soundlessly in my



~ by Rebecca Erickson on June 6, 2015.

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