When Someone

When someone you love says,

“Let go.”

Do just that and don’t

Look down,

Don’t look in the mirror either

Because there’s no answer in that glass

Nor anywhere else

When the pain of missing them

Makes you scream

Sing to the pain

Through the rain of your tears

It’s better to howl and live

Than die in silent anguish

When the soul you confided in

Turns you away

Remember their words

The lessons they taught you

The laughter that was their blessing to you

Like fingers pressed to your forehead

Consecrating that mutual joy–

Keep that blessing

Because a blessing turned betrayal

Will still bless you in memory

And heal you if you let it

When the voice you loved


Don’t speak to the walls instead

Find other hearts to hear yours

Seek those who love you

Those who want to go on hearing your laughter

Embrace those for whom

You have been the blessing

For, yes, even in your suffering

Those souls feel your presence

As a gift in life

Be nourished therein

And when the ashes of memory,

The fading of pain,

Recedes to the point

That you can look back at what ended

Without tears

Understand, then, the truth of


The richness of


The absence of


The quiet of


The depth of


The transience of


And the purity of


And be grateful in that

New space

Be free


~ by Rebecca Erickson on June 19, 2015.

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