Can I make you a present

Of the gentlest,


Love I possess?

Can I wrap

(In ribbons and bows)

All the tiny joys

You bring to my life,

To share again with you

The pliant redounding happiness

You have showered me with?

Can it be that

I can caress you with

Feathery stillness

As you have bequeathed me

While I stand motionless:

Recalling all you said to me

Piecemeal reencountering those

Precious, sacred instants

We shared?

What can I give you,


How may I give to you

All that I am

So that you may feel

–At once—

All the love I bear you,

All the joy your presence

Brings me,

All the peace sustained between us,

All the life

I would share with you?





~ by Rebecca Erickson on July 3, 2015.

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