I miss you

He says it so freely to me!

I’m glad there’s no pause,

No fear that I’ll want those words

To be unsaid.


I can’t tell him

(In the adult world)

You’ll miss people

And not be able

To say it without reserve someday.


You’ll bear— at times—

That aching sadness


Because it would discomfort

The one you love

To know they are missed

When they don’t love you

In return.


So you’ll miss them

In silence,

And you’ll weep without them


And you’ll wait to see them

Every second,

And every instant away from them

You’ll be tempted to reach out

To say,


“I miss you.”


At least, Little One,

You’ll never have to fear

Telling me.



I miss you too.


~ by Rebecca Erickson on August 14, 2015.

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