The Most Used


Just like that one time,

That last time.

Don’t believe everything

Don’t sorrow everyday.

Listening doesn’t

Find the music

Just like art

Doesn’t find the


Can’t think your way

Out of a thesis,

Can’t write your way

Out of days.

Though you try…

Joy is something

That takes a hard rehearsal

To open into life.

It takes friends







And it reminds people

That laughter,

Loving hearts

Last days

Missing feelings

Silence and


Part of every minute,

Part of every able mind.

I saw the years fall open today:

They were first times,

And many things to know

They were something and cold.

They were arms open.

They were singing,

And being found.

I saw the thoughts together today:

And they were beautiful children

They were friendships and life

They were moments, minutes,


They were enough help

Little sleep

They were children at play—

Remembering songs.

They were years!

Years spent singing.

I saw life understand

And I forgot not to laugh

When I realized that old

And ago were reasons for listening

For that other voice through the



~ by Rebecca Erickson on November 20, 2015.

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