To Breathe Free

I saw you first at night
Your proud face lifted, and felt my heart
A symbol.
Give me your tired…
Your tears run down my cheeks today
I watch the tattered rags of Liberty
Written away in bold pen
Your poor,
I look at those hands that held a golden door
Your huddled masses yearning…
I watched hate slam the door
To the yearning
Heard it grate shut on
The homeless, tempest-tossed.
Brave lady, how have we so failed?
Your cities grow dim with human tears
Those locked out
Those locked in
I lift my lamp
I wait to catch its rays…
I saw you first at night beside the teeming shore.
A gift to our land
A promise to all who needed shelter
I will fight for that golden door
Your light and my heart
And the hearts of all those whose love
Will triumph o’er fear and hate
Will see the evil of this day

~ by Rebecca Erickson on January 28, 2017.

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